Vagner Roberto Antunes , PhD

Research areas: Physiome of the neurogenic hypertension

Brief description: High blood pressure (hypertension) affects up to a quarter of the adult population of western countries. The autonomic nervous system plays an essential role upon the control of the blood pressure and its hyperactivity leads to the neurogenic hypertension. The gene microarray analysis of central autonomic nuclei during normal and high blood pressure levels have shown the gene expression of distinct transcription factors that can be involved in the genesis of the hypertension. Therefore, our goal is to investigate the physiological dynamics and functional genome of an organism during pre- and hypertensive stage based on signal transduction pathways and molecular interactions within the specifics nuclei of the hypothalamic-brainstem circuitry that control the cardiovascular reflexes and sympathetic nerve activity. For this we will be using: i) the gene therapy with viral vectors transfer in vivo into the distinct central autonomic nuclei simultaneously to cardiovascular parameters recordings via radiotelemetry; ii) in vitro studies for analysis of the protein expression in central autonomic nuclei (immunoblotting and immunohistochemistry techniques); iii) in situ decorticate artificially perfused preparation for analysis of the sympathetic nerve activity via electrophysiological recordings.

Phone: 55-11-3091-7244 – Room: 103