Lisete Compagno Michelini, PhD, Professor

Research line: Cardiovascular control in hypertension and heart failure: Mechanisms conditioning autonomic dysfunction and exercise-induced correction.

Brief description: We sought to investigate both the cardiovascular deficits and the beneficial effects induced by hypertension or heart failure and exercise training, respectively. Neural, hormonal and local mechanisms were analyzed in the different experimental groups, with special emphasis in the effects of aerobic exercise on the perfusion of brain areas involved in cardiovascular control, their oxidative and inflammatory profile and the neuronal plasticity of brain circuitries involved in sympathetic and parasympathetic outflow to heart and vessels. Our experimental approaches include hemodynamic recordings (blood pressure, heart rate, skeletal muscle flow and resistance) in conscious rats combined with molecular biology techniques (qPCR, Western Blotting, immunohistochemistry), histological techniques (confocal and electronic microscopy) and image analyses techniques.

Phone: 55-11-3091-7213 – Room: 103