Maria Tereza Nunes, PhD

Research area: – Molecular basis of the action of thyroid hormone, metabolic substrates and ions (iodine and iron) on the control of specific genes. – Control of GH gene expression

Brief description: Our studies are mainly focused on the mechanisms by which thyroid hormones exert effects on growth, metabolism and cell differentiation, by evaluating the expression of specific genes and/or proteins in the skeletal and cardiac muscle, adipose tissue and pituitary, among others. Special attention is being directed to the studies on the nongenomic (extra nuclear) actions of thyroid hormones in different tissues, and their repercussions on the expression of specific proteins, like GH and GLUT4. Other projects carried out in our laboratory involve the study of the arginine, beta HM, iodine and iron effects on the transcriptional and post-transcriptional control of GH, IGF-I, GLUT4, NIS, thyroid peroxidase and myoglobin, among others.

Phone: 55-11-3091-7465 – Room: 131