3rd Prof. Eric A. Newsholme Research Symposium – ‘Metabolic Regulation’

Dear Colleagues,

Professor Eric Arthur Newsholme made remarkable scientific contributions and impact to three research areas: mechanisms of metabolic regulation, metabolic changes in response to physical exercise, and nutrient control of leukocyte function. He proposed various novel concepts with respect to regulation in metabolism that allowed novel hypotheses to be made and tested in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

In memory of his important scientific contributions, several metabolism themed Symposia have been organized. The first took place at the University of Oxford in 2012 and the second at the Medical University of Warsaw, Poland, in 2014. The 3rd Symposium will be held at the Department of Physiology and Biophysics, Institute of Biomedical Sciences, University of Sao Paulo, on July 14, 2016: The 3rd Prof. Eric A. Newsholme Research Symposium – ‘Metabolic Regulation’.

Attendees will be able to discuss regulation in metabolism concepts as first put forward by Prof. Dr. Eric A. Newsholme following rapid advances in various experimental and clinical conditions. During the Symposium, the interaction among different research groups from Brazil and internationally will be strengthened. Internationally recognised scientists will deliver presentations on various aspects of regulation in metabolism from basic to clinical research. The speakers are from: ICB-USP, EEFE-USP, UNICSUL, UFPr, UFRGS, Université Libre de Bruxelles, and Curtin University (Perth, Western Australia).


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Rui Curi (ICB-USP)
Sandro Massao Hirabara (UNICSUL)
Philip Newsholme (Curtin University)

Abstract Submission

Dear colleagues,
The Symposium is closed for new registrations and abstract submissions.
The organizing committee would like to suggest that participants donate 1.0 Kg of non perishable food to the Curumim Project (http://www.institutocurumim.com.br) at the Symposium Reception desk.


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e) Abstract text: up to 350 words, justified text, with the following structure: 1) Introduction, 2) Aims; 3) Methodology, 4) Results, and 5) Conclusions.
f) Financial support (optional): if the study was supported include the name of the financial support agency.
g) Keywords: include 3 to 6 keywords that were not included in the title.

Organizing Committee


Rui Curi
Philip Newsholme
Sandro Massao Hirabara

Financial Committee

Amanda Roque Martins
Gilson Masahiro Murata
Tatiana Carolina Alba Loureiro

Scientific Committee

Adrianne Christine Palanch
Alcione Lescano de Souza Junior
Alice Cristina Rodrigues
Anna Karenina Azevedo Martins
Angelo Rafael Carpinelli
Anita Nishiyama
Augusto Ducati Luchessi
Augusto R. Pimental Guimarães
Bianca Maria Alves dos Santos
Carla Cristine Kanunfre
Carla Roberta de Oliveira Carvalho
Carmem Maldonado Peres
Carol Virgínia Gois Leandro
Cátia Lira do Amaral
Celio Kenji Miyasaka
Cláudia Jacques Lagranha
Cláudia Regina Cavaglieri
Hosana Gomes Rodrigues
Jair Rodrigues Garcia Júnior
Jofre Jacob da Silva Freitas
Jorge Mancini Filho
José Abelardo Alves de Souza
José Cesar Rosa Neto
Jussara Gazzola
Leonardo dos Reis Silveira
Lucia Rossetti Lopes
Marco Aurelio Ramirez Vinolo
Mario Hiroyuki Hirata
Ricardo Bentes de Azevedo
Roberto Barbosa Bazotte
Rosangela Verlengia
Sandra Coccuzzo Sampaio Vessoni
Silvana Auxiliadora Bordin da Silva
Thomas Prates Ong

International Committee

Alfonso Heriberto Hernández Monsalves
Astrid Meira
Diogo Antônio Alves de Vasconcelos
Gabriel Nasri Marzuca Nassr
Jarlei Fiamoncini
Jose Luis Marques Andrade
Kaio Fernando Vitzel
Mariana Rodrigues Davanso
Rolando Bacis Ceddia
Sonia de Quateli Doi


Laureane Nunes Masi
Raquel Bragante Gritte
Talita de Souza Medalha
Tamires Duarte Afonso Serdan
Tanyara Baliani Payolla


André Luis Lacerda Bachi
Caroline Naomi Fukusawa Yokota
Chaza Rajab
Claudio Fukumori
Hilton Kenji Takahashi
Joice Naiara Bertaglia Pereira
Juliana Vieira
Marco Aurélio Salomão Fortes
Maria Fernanda Cury-Boaventura
Maria Vitória Scervino
Mateus Campos Casaro
Paula Bresciani Martins de Andrade
Renata Gorjão
Rosemari Otton
Tania Cristina Pithon-Curi

Posters and Eric A. Newsholme Awards Committee

Adriana Cristina Levada-Pires
Amanda Rabello Crisma
Caroline Marcantônio Ferreira
Christiane Malfitano
Eduardo Rebelato
Elaine Hatanaka
Maria Isabel Cardoso Alonso-Vale
Patrícia Rodrigues Lourenço Gomes
Thaís Martins de Lima


Antonio Herbert Lancha Júnior
Fábio Takeo Sato
Ligia Maura Primo Maluf
Marco Aurélio Salomão Fortes
Reinaldo Abunasser Bassit
Vinicius Fernandes Cruzat
Wilson Mitsuo Tatagiba Kuwabara

Graphic Design

Fábio Takeo Sato

Poster Session


· Dimensions: 90 cm x 120 cm.

· Posters must be in English.


Authors must set up their posters between 8:00 and 9:00 hours. Posters should be removed by 17:00 hours.

· Presenters must be at their poster boards from 12:15 to 13:45 hours.

· Recording any presentation or session (oral or poster) by any means (photography, audio taping or videotaping) is prohibited except under authors’ authorization.

Folder – The 3rd Prof. Eric A. Newsholme Research Symposium – ‘Metabolic Regulation’.


8:30 – Welcome Remarks – Angelo Rafael Carpinelli (ICB-USP) and Philip Newsholme (Curtin University)
9:00 – Opening Conference – Jacques R. Poortmans (Free University of Brussels, Brussels, Belgium) – Eric Newsholme’s Concepts on Regulation in Metabolism


9:40 – Antonio Herbert Lancha Jr. (EEFE-USP) – Amino Acids and Physical Exercise: from Eric to Nowadays.
10:00 – Tania Cristina Pithon Curi (Cruzeiro do Sul University) – Glutamine, Immune Function and Physical Exercise
10:20 – Discussion

10:30 – Coffee-break


11:00 – Fernando Rodrigues de Moraes Abdulkader (ICB-USP) – Effects of Zinc Supplementation on Progression to Type 2 DM due to High Fat Diet
11:20 – Paulo Ivo Homem de Bittencourt Júnior (UFRGS) – Modulation of Heat Shock Protein Expression in Obesities and Type 2 Diabetes: Role of Cellular Senescence
11:40 – Marinilce Fagundes dos Santos (ICB-USP) – Wound Healing in Diabetes
12:00- Discussion



14:00 – Alison Colquhoun (ICB-USP) – Lipids and Brain Tumours
14:20 – Marilia Cerqueira Leite Seelaender (ICB-USP) – Inflammation in Cancer Cachexia
14:40 – Luiz Claudio Fernandes (UFPr) – Omega-3 Fatty Acids: from Bench to Clinical Practice
15:00 – Rui Curi (ICB-USP) – Macrophage Metabolism Revisited
15:20 – Discussion

15:40- Coffee-break


16:10 – Closing Conference – Philip Newsholme (Curtin University) – Regulation in Metabolism – Then and Now
16:50 Closing Remarks – Rui Curi (ICB-USP) and Philip Newsholme (Curtin University):
Eric A. Newsholme Poster Award Winner Announcement

Dear colleagues,
The Symposium is closed for new registrations and abstract submissions.
The organizing committee would like to suggest that participants donate 1.0 Kg of non perishable food to the Curumim Project (http://www.institutocurumim.com.br) at the Symposium Reception desk.



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